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AAC Charter

Academies Australasia College values its students and recognises the importance of the student’s learning and overall experience in the college.

The College is committed to providing students a welcoming, supportive and safe environment, conducive to teaching and learning.

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Every student has the right:

  1. to be treated fairly and ethically, with respect and dignity;

  2. to study in a supportive and encouraging environment;

  3. to provide feedback on teaching performance, courses, support services and facilities;

  4. to ask questions and be able to obtain a response from the College and its staff;

  5. to study in an environment committed to the principles of equity and equality of opportunity;

  6. to be free from all sexual, physical and racial harassment and other inappropriate behaviours;

  7. to be considered for selection into courses on the basis of criteria that are valid, explicit, fair and reliable;

  8. to reasonable access to academic staff for assistance and to other support services;

  9. to expect the college to provide a high quality of education including a high quality of teaching, supervision ad curriculum.

  10. to take assessment that is valid, educative, explicit, reliable and fair;

  11. to expect the college to provide a safe and accessible environment;

  12. to a student-centric learning environment that maximises learning.

Every student has the responsibility:

  1. to recognise the rights of every other student including the rights of teachers, staff and visitors;

  2. to obey the laws of the land;

  3. to respect and uphold principles of scholarly integrity;

  4. to act at all times in a way that respects the rights, equity and diversity of others

  5. to respect College property and the property of others;

  6. to bring an open and enquiring mind and enthusiasm to their studies;

  7. to participate actively in the teaching and learning environment by

- attending classes punctually as required;

- complying with workload expectations, and submitting required work on time;

- avoiding disruptive behaviour during lessons;

- conversing in the language of instruction at all times;

   8. to recognise that cheating, plagiarism and fabrication or falsifications of data are not acceptable.

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