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APR 2021

I have received my IELTS score and I’m very happy! I’ve learned a lot within the three-month IELTS preparation course. It was more than learning from the textbook. Thanks to Ms. Victor’s guidance, I am now able to view things more deeply. She has taught me skills that were achieved from daily activities and also through verbal communication about our life. This course has improved my communication skills greatly and now I am not so afraid of talking to others.


Zhang Zihan from IELTS

FEB 2021

I have completed my DIT in Dec 2020. My experience with AAC was amazing and those days were memorable. And I will never forget those days. So, Thank You AAC for giving me those memorable days.


Chavda Kishan from DIT

DEC 2020

From day one, it’s been such a pleasant experience being a student here at AAC, because of supportive staff and teachers. The environment of the College is great. Students are well treated by their teachers and staff. Ms. Malla has always been supportive and helped me in every way that she could. The College has also helped me in finding the best internship company for me. Overall, it was the best decision to choose AAC for my studies and I had a great time here. To sum up, I would recommend everyone to join AAC!

Aparna Kalra.jpg

Aparna Kalra from DTHM

AUG 2020

It was my pleasure to study here at AAC Singapore. Studying here has fulfilled my personal goals. My friends and I have enjoyed spending our time here. There are nice lecturers here in AAC and I hope to see you all around in Singapore!

Siddharth Ballal.jpg

Siddharth Ballal from DIT

FEB 2020
I really enjoyed my time here at Academies Australasia College. The teachers and staff here are very kind and the school environment is beautiful. Thank you so much AAC. All the best!

Delgermaa Aminaa from IELTS

JAN 2020
The services provided by AAC are good. All the staff here are very friendly and always care for the students. The lecturers who have taught me during my entire course here are well experienced in the industry. Not only are they good at teaching, they also took the effort to understand each student very well. On top of that, AAC is located at Bugis which is easily accessible.


Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa from DLM

MAR 2021

During my time studying Diploma and Advanced Diploma here at AAC, I had really good moments and experiences. AAC staff and all teachers are very helpful. AAC has provided great welfare services to students, especially during the circuit breaker period. They did a wonderful job by approaching students who needed help during this tough period and we received a lot of support from the College. Last but not least, I had a wonderful experience at AAC that I will never forget. I appreciate what AAC has done for us!

Jenis Limbani.jpg

 Jenis Limbani from ADPM

JAN 2021

Firstly, I must thank all College lecturers and staff for guiding me throughout the course period and giving me good knowledge about DTHM course. For me, this is the best College to learn new skills. Teachers and staff are very friendly and very helpful. This is the best place that I have ever studied in Singapore. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to study in Academies Australasia College.


Rodrigo Maruan Dimithri from DTHM

SEP 2020
First of all, thanks a lot to AAC Singapore for giving me the opportunity to study here. My experience in AAC was good. I get more knowledge about the tourism and hospitality industry. Lecturers here have a lot of experience and knowledge to share with the students. All AAC staff are so helpful, the environment here is neat and clean. I’m going to recommend AAC to all my friends who want to study in Singapore!.


Ajay from ADTHM

AUG 2020

I've completed my 15 months course here at AAC and am now working with K2 Guest House in Singapore. Studying here is interesting as we get to learn how to be independent. The lecturers and staff here are very good and helpful. I would definitely recommend AAC to other students. Thank you so much AAC for the experience!

Chamali Deelisha.jpg

Chamali Deelisha from DTHM

AUG 2019
During this 3 and a half years, I have enjoyed studying in Academies Australasia College. I found the teachers and staff very friendly. I would also like to say thank you to Mr. Nizar and Mr. Lijush who accepted me in this school giving me the opportunity to pursue my education. After studying here, I am confident of landing opportunities to expand on my knowledge and career.

Thomas Daniel from ADLM

FEB 2019
Usually the lectures conducted by Mr. Lijush are very interesting. We get to know interesting facts regarding many topics related to the studies plus the dynamic world. 

Anjali Kaushalya from DLM

JAN 2019
Ms. Jenny, you are the best teacher. Thank you for teaching me and guiding me. You are one of my favourite teachers. I like the way you've taught and guided us. Thank you Ms. Jenny.

Singla Parul from DLM

NOV 2018

Dear Ms. Manjeet, thank you for teaching me. Other than teaching me Secondary 1 Level English, I feel fortunate that you are there to teach me social skills. Thank you, once again.


A Student from Sec 1 Confidence

NOV 2018

Ms. Sherin conducts the lessons in an interesting manner. she explains to us the learning outcomes very clearly. Also, the classes are enjoyable. She gives us good academic examples to understand the lessons better. I'm satisfied with the module.


Chathumaduri Kauranga from DBM

JUL 2017

If teacher Manjeet didn't teach me, I think I wouldn't pass the S-AEIS exam. Thank you, Teacher Manjeet!



JUL 2017

I will miss the teachers and this school very much.

My name is Binh. I am from Upper Primary Confidence. I have been studied here for one year. I like the school and the teachers. Ms. Rina and Ms. Manjeet are my best teachers. I like the way they teach. When they teach, they use their gestures and various descriptions that make me understanding the lesson well. They talk with a booming voice. They guided us with care when we do not know some words and questions. Now, I am moving to the Australian International School and I will miss the teachers and this school very much.

Tran Phu Binh from GPC

JUN 2017

I love studying in AAC. I’m sure this school will help me to pass the O Level test and become a better person. Studying here provides me with precious memory that I will always treasure no matter where I am.


Emma from O-Level Sec 4

JUN 2017

Overall, I am happy with the O-Level program in this school.


Shivvy from O-Level Sec 4

JUN 2017

The school system is very robust. We can always meet the people whom we want to meet. I think that my choice of school has been a great decision. I am very happy in this school which is student-orientated and presents a very caring and conducive environment for studies.


Ninh from O-Level Sec 4

JUN 2017

In conclusion, the school is not perfect but it is full of potential which can help to motivate the students and provide them a better package of knowledge on their way to success.


Ken from O-Level Sec 4

FEB 2017

I would like to say a big thank you to all of the lecturers and staffs for taking care of me in the past. Please stay healthy and take care!

A student from Philippines.jpg

A student from Philippines

JAN 2017

In that period that I was in your class, I Iearnt so much from you. Thank your very much for everything, teacher Melanie!

A student from Sec 2-1.jpg

A student from Sec 2

DEC 2016

Thank you for teaching! Love AAC!

A student from China-1-1.jpg
A student from China-1-2.jpg

A student from China

JUN 2016


Dear Teachers and Staff, I'm writing to you to express my thanks for your help in my studies. Firstly, I want to thank Ms Sherin, who was always taking care of us. It was her who stood by me, correcting mistakes I made, ensuring I am on the right track. Even though she has left the organization, I would still like to thank her for the care she has shown to me. Secondly, I want to thank Mr Nizar. He is the best teacher I have ever seen. Thank you for teaching us and guiding us the right way, always being there for us whenever we had any problems. Thirdly, I would also like to thank our lovely teacher, Mr Lijush. He is funny, always smiling, always encouraging us. Finally, I want to thank all AAC staff. Without their help, I would not have been able to complete my Advanced Diploma. I also wished to thank Mr Gan, a responsible staff who is always there for us when we faced problems. I feel very proud to know there is such a good staff in AAC.

Thank you AAC for everything.

A student from Tertiary Programmes

MAY 2016

学校设施非常齐全, 新的教室也非常大, 学校的地理环境也非常好。 交通也非常方便。 中午的lunch time 也能很轻易的找到吃饭的地方。 如我有朋友来新加坡, 我也会推荐这所学校。


A student from China

DEC 2015

I'm writing to address my full satisfaction in the school service.

I am a parent of a 12 years old girl and a 10 years old boy who had attended the Preparatory for Secondary 1 and Primary 5 course respectively and I have had a fair share of questions and requests in regards to my children's attendance and academics.

I would like to specially thank Mr Gan You Tian for his continuous patience in assisting me with a few issues.

Overall, it has been a very good experience for me and my children.

Thank you.


A parent of 2 GPC students

OCT 2015

Office has offered great help to us students. They are amicable and approachable. The staff here in general are helpful and friendly.


Two students from China

DEC 2018

Miss Melanie, Going through your classes was an amusing and educational experience. I greatly appreciated and enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind encouragement. Before the AEIS, you gave me courage and faith. No words can express my gratitude for you. I would like to thank you for all you have done for me.


Aaron Guo from Upper Primary Confidence

NOV 2018

Thanks to Mr. Cary for teaching us. You work so hard to make it easier for us to study.


Alisa from EFL

JUN 2018

After completing the Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management I got an opportunity to do an internship with the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel . Thank you so much Academies Australasia College.

Gill Sandeep Kour.jpg

Gill Sandeep Kour

JUL 2017

Dear teacher, thank you for your help. I am very lucky to be your student.

To Teacher Manjeet:

Dear teacher, thank you for your help. I am very lucky to be your student. Your class is so interesting that I like it very much. You always give us a lot of practice after class. I have learned much from you and it is very helpful to me. You are very hardworking and I have never heard you complain about your trouble. We all love you! Above all, I want to thank you again.

Qi Ran from GPC

JUN 2017

Overall, attending this school provides me a memorable experience that I have never had, and though this school is not perfect but it has sufficient condition for us to have a good education.


Nick for O-Level Sec 4

JUN 2017

Overall, I am extremely grateful to AAC. The school systems facilities, teachers, classmates and Student Services staff such as Mr. Gan have side by side helping me to enjoy my school life in AAC.


 Dimas from O-Level Sec 4

JUN 2017

I have had the best teachers who support and help me a lot.


Jessy from O-level Sec 4

FEB 2017

Academies Australasia College has many facilities, good environment, good lectures, and the staff so great.

A student from Philippines2.jpg

A student from Philippines

JAN 2017

I appreciate that you devoted all to me! Thank you, teacher Melanie!

A student from Sec 2-2.jpg

A student from Sec 2

DEC 2016

Thanks for teaching us! I love AAC!

A student from China-2.png

A student from China

AUG 2016

Passed AEIS and admitted to Bedok Green Secondary School.


A student from Vietnam

AUG 2016

Pass AEIS and admitted to Secondary 3 at CHIJ Katong


A student from China

AUG 2016

Three GPC students have admitted to below schools:

1. Bukit View Secondary School

2. ACS International

3. Outram Secondary School

2014 AEIS

AUG 2016

Dear AAC, I managed to pass AEIS because the teachers tell you some tips and tricks on how to memorize or do a question. The teachers are kind and friendly, they have patience to teach you if you have any difficulties. My experience in AAC was memorable.

A student from France


A student from France

AUG 2016

Dear AAC,

I was very happy to pass the AEIS because I could higher my thinking skill. My tiger teacher Miss Manjeet trained us to pass the AEIS and she gave us some tricks to pass. I get to meet friends from other country and learn their language. The teacher in AAC are nice and they really care for others.

A student from Malaysia


A student from Malaysia

MAY 2016

As a student of Academies Australasia College, I would like to thank Mr Gan & Mr Ashton who was always kind & friendly to student from the beginning of the course, specially when we have any problems about our attendance & class matters. Mr Gan has always there to help & also thanks for Mr Ashton for guiding me to the next programme.

Special thanks to Mr Nizar, Mr Lijush & Ms Angeline for always helping us not only in our studies but also in our future plans in our career, giving us the best advices to what we should do to achieve goals.

Therefore I am very happy to be a student of AAC, where I get the best start to my career pathway.


A student from Tertiary Programmes

MAY 2016

I have recently completed my Advanced Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management with Academies Australasia College (AAC) Singapore.

Upon completion of my studies, I applied for the Bachelors of Tourism & Hospitality Management with Academies Australia Polytechnic in Melbourne.

I greatly appreciate Mr Ashton Zhuang for being very patient and helpful throughout my application process.

With his assistance, I have successfully obtained my Student Visa to Australia and will be starting my course at the end of this month!

Therefore, I will highly recommend all to study with AAC. Without AAC, I will not be where I am today.


A student from Tertiary Programmes

DEC 2015

The Student Services Department was really helpful and they helped to solve my problems during my time in AAC. The staff were very polite and respectful and I really appreciate their services, especially Mr Gan and Ms Christy.


A student from Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management, 2015

DEC 2015



A student from China

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