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Student Pass (STP) Holders as of 07/09/2020

7th September 2020

Dear Partners,

COVID-19 has put every one of us under immense difficulties in terms of our societal health, social activities and most importantly our business operations. We hope the situation to recover in the next few months and as a sign of recovery, we have received good news from our ministry.

Student Pass (STP) Holders and Students who got their In-Principal Approval (IPA) Letter will be allowed to enter Singapore from 7th September 2020. The condition is that they should serve 14 days/7 days Stay Home Notice (SHN) at their residence/hostel/dedicated facilities depending on the countries they come from. Dedicated facilities are provided by the Government and the students should pay $2,000 for 14 days + COVID-19 test $300. ICA has also started issuing IPAs for the new students.

SHN has been shortened to 7 days for low-risk countries/regions such as Australia (excluding Victoria State), Macao, Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia. For such cases still, the COVID-19 test will be administered before the end of the 7-day SHN.


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