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Diploma of Agriculture


The Diploma of Agriculture aims to prepare students to work on farms and stations who manage enterprise production units or work as employees in an agricultural business. Students will develop the communication and leadership skills needed to thrive in the industry whether in marketing and financial services, crop supply, crop management, agricultural merchandising, or managing a farm.

This qualification reflects the role of personnel working on farms and stations who manage enterprise production units and employees and sole operators of agribusinesses who provide crop production advice and services to production enterprises. Industry expects individuals with this qualification will take personal responsibility and exercise autonomy in undertaking complex work. They must analyse inform
ation and exercise judgement to complete a range of advanced skilled activities.





Lecture - 1:85
Tutorial – 1:30

8:00am – 11:00am 
12:00pm – 3:00pm
3:15pm – 6:15pm


Mondays – Fridays (excludes Public Holidays)

^Subject to change




The Basics


Registered with Committee for Private Education  




10 Months + 6 Months Industrial Attachment

Entry Requirements and Intakes

  • Obtained at least C6 for any GCE O-Level subject, or Higher National ITE Certificate (Higher Nitec) or 10 years of formal education or equivalent. 

  • Matured students aged 30 years and above with at least 8 years of work experience will be considered for admission.

  • Applicants must be of age 16 and above. 

  • IELTS 5.5 or AAC EFL Level-5 or equivalent

  • Students without formal English qualifications will be given a placement test to determine their level of proficiency.

  • Every first Monday of the month. 

Modules Covered

Develop climate risk management strategies

Develop a whole farm plan

Market products and services

Monitor and review business performance

Prepare and monitor budgets and financial reports

Monitor and manage soils for production projects

Prepare reports

Plan and manage long-term weed, pest or disease control in crops

Develop production plan for crops

Apply Plant Biology to Agronomic Practices

Industrial Attachment*

*The Industrial Attachment (if any) is an integral module of the programme. However, suppose a student is unable to participate in the Industrial Attachment module due to circumstances beyond the control of the Student or the College, like non-approval of the Training Work Permit by the Ministry of Manpower or unable to secure an intern placement due to unavailability of vacancies, the Student will be required to complete a Research-Based Project with the submission of a report to be considered for graduation for the course. While AAC will make its best efforts to secure Industrial Attachment for the students, it does not guarantee that it will be able to secure one for every student."

Assessment & Grades


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Graduation Requirement:

In order to be awarded the Diploma of Agriculture, a student must obtain at least a Pass Grade in all the modules within the eligibility period of 2 years from the date of commencement and has no outstanding fees.

Certificate will be awarded by Academies Australasia College.

Fees (Please see the top of the webpage for online payment of Application Fee and Course Fee)

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