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Outing to Gardens by the Bay

7 Sept 2017

A fun day of outing to Gardens by the Bay.Last Friday, Academies Australasia collage organized a three-hour outing for O level confidence class as a reward of a whole year of hard work by the classmates. The outing was also held to cheer everyone up and relieve the stress before the final exam. We set out to visit The Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome in the Gardens by The Bay. (Marina Bay) Our beloved English teacher Ms Devi Ahru made the final arrangements and below is a short recount of the excursion to Marina Bay.

Cloud forest a mysterious world veiled in mist

We took a train to Marina Bay the MRT together. We were literally jumping up and down as we couldn’t contain our excitement. we reached Marina within 10 minutes and got our entrance tickets to both the forests.

We entered the museum in an organized order and were completely shocked by the beautiful scene jumped into our eyes. This place was just like a mysterious world! There was a man-made hill which was covered with all the precious green plants. The manmade Dome was surrounded in mist and there were many glass passageways for us to walk up. I felt I was touched by heaven on earth. The fresh air around the hill was caressing my face and the mixture of the mist and the fragrance of the plants were gladdening my heart. Seeing the beauty that were surrounding us, we were indeed intrigued by the magnificent Cloud Forest. Then my friend told me to look down, and when I did, I could see we were standing at a terrifying height. The sunshine passed through the glass and all the rare plants were bathed in the golden rays of the afternoon sun.

As time passed by, we went down with satisfied smile on each face. Then we went into the science museum and many kinds of plants and seeds. Sadly, there were varieties were becoming extinct. All of us watched the video of pollution issue and the fast disappearing species in the world. The video taught us that we had to treasure the environment and the plants on earth. As people said, “What gone will be gone”. When we went out. all of us felt one thing. This magnificent cloud forest was not just full of beautiful scenes, but coming here was also gave us an insight on what the earth’s needs and how we must have a clear consciousness about what we are doing to help save Gaia.

The Flower Dome – A magical kingdom of flowers

The flower dome was as beautiful as one could ever imagine. Since this place was full of spectacular flowers. Ms Devi Ahru gave us an hour to explore this magical kingdom by ourselves and take as many selfies as we wanted. We were literally just surrounded by roses, orchids, and tulips from all over the world. It felt like a dream.

by what I saw. Later I went to the garden and the flowers were truly beautiful. I saw African daisy’s swing in the breeze which was like an image of a group of little girls who wearing yellow dresses. As Singapore’s national flower is orchid was put in the most conspicuous place and it looked just like a majestic queen of this flower dome. Did you know the flower the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records! It has changing display of flowers and plants from Mediterranean and semi-arid regions. One hour had passed and it was time for us to say our farewell to the flowers.

What I learnt through this outing

Our outing was more valuable than the normal lessons in school because we saw and felt the beauty of our nature and what we could do to protect it. Secondly, we learned about this beautiful country we were staying in. This trip was such a relief and it would provide us more strength to face our final exams and the bright future we could have. I wished we had more outings every semester and learn about Singapore that is not taught in our daily lessons. And I am thankful that I am in this school and Ms Devi Ahru our English teacher for giving us this experience.

Written by,


English teacher, Ms Devi Ahru

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